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ArtStreamingTV offers a variety of digital services working with clients from the earliest stages of a project's inception to post-production and final cut events.

We specialise in live stream technology but our services also offer pre and post-production facilities to meet our clients’ requirements.

Live Stream

We explore all types of cultural events, from artistic performances, educational workshops, conferences and talks, to behind-the-scene tours, interviews with artists, award ceremonies and even fundraising events including live auctions. Events can be streamed free of charge or via a paywall system to suit your needs and requirements.


One of the key benefits of our Live Stream service is the high level of interactivity embedded into each production. We offer live chat for viewers to share ideas right alongside the live stream in addition to Facebook and Twitter integration to allow viewers to easily share and interact via various social media outlets.


Our team can create high quality, beautifully shot videos, using cutting edge technology to broadcast standard and social media content shared and viewed in full on a wide range of platforms audience globally. Live editing allows events to be easily converted from live to On Demand content which allows for the event to be accessed by the viewer over a longer period, at anytime or anywhere.


Additionally to our main services, ArtStreamingTV extends its reach to our corporate clients, those looking to live stream and/or produce digital content that can enhance and facilitate the dissemination of their services. Our team upholds a wealth of experience and skills to help other sectors to achieve its digital goals.

How to Fund Your Project

We offer several options that can assist in monetizing and funding your projects such as:

  • Use of a Donate Button
  • Space to advertise on behalf of your sponsors
  • Pay-to-View Options where viewers pay a predetermined fee to watch your event for a length of time decided by you