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Spring Forward 2015 Part 8

Spring Forward 2015 Part 8
30 Apr 2015 8:30 pm BST

Aerowaves Spring Forward is a three day festival of the freshest contemporary dance from Europe. This year Spring Forward was hosted in partnership with Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona. From 17-19 April, 23 companies and artists from 17 countries performed at a variety of venues in Barcelona for local and professional audiences.



Flesh - Poliana Lima & Ugne Dievaityte

Without name, without identity. The body in its physical, sensual nature. Dreamlike and surreal animal shapes get lost and reappear, blend into and separate from each other. Familiar and unknown images in the flesh.

In movement, the body is reclaimed, and the flesh becomes a place of struggle and reconciliation between human nature and animal instinct. Flesh is a duet of volatile and fleeting realities that seduces and mesmerises.

00:01:20 – 00:43:24

ZOOM - Location X (Taneli Törmä)

ZOOM endeavours to see things that we forget in the bustle of everyday life. Merging dance in an unexpected way with an exquisite lighting and sound design, ZOOM takes a fresh look at life from close up and far away. Taneli Törmä’s arresting, monochrome solo stops time – to show us life from a different perspective.

00:43:40 – 01:06:00

Lowland - Roser López Espinosa

Fascinated by the migrations of birds, we want to learn
to fly. Lowland returns us to the animality of the body and movement, to learning, effort, tenacity and endurance,
to beauty, the spirit of self-improvement and the spirit of freedom. To leave or to put down roots? Lowland is each individual’s landscape and journey. We can only fly with our bodies and we will need inventiveness and imagination in order to get a pair of wings. An imaginary world of birds and men, full of light and vitality in the lowland.

01:07:43 – 01:53:45

M.E.N - Edhem Jesenković

M.E.N grabs life by the balls. Balancing humour and seriousness, with a healthy dose of irony, four male dancers raid the lives of modern men to give us a fresh and sensitive take on male identity. Packed with energy, fragility, passion and beauty, M.E.N exposes inner worlds and outer conflicts in this honest and athletic piece.

01:54:00 – 02:33:32